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About Free Botanical

We are a vegan company offering handmade, plant based organic skin and hair care. All our products are lovingly hand made In Edinburgh, Scotland.  

Being ethical in all aspects of our business is a priority for us, we do not support animal testing for any purpose.

Unlike other brands we only use ethically sourced, natural and sustainable plant based raw materials such as  – vegetable oils, waxes, fats, essential oils and herbs which are cultivated without pesticides and artificial fertilisers.

For every product we sell 10p is donated towards a local community gardening project – to empower people to learn new skills through growing their own food and herbs – come and grow with us Plant Power for All!

All packaging is 100% recyclable & is BPA & Phthalates free. All our products are fully compliant with the European cosmetic regulations and have been tested by Cosmetic Safety Assessors – who have verified the stability & safety of all our products.

Our products are:

Free from GM ingredients
Free from Parabens & Phthalates
Free from synthetic colours, fragrances or dyes
Free from Pesticides
Free from Triclosan
Free from silicones, mineral oils and other chemical nasties

Product Reviews

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Facebook Review

I bought the Be Botanical Mandarin, Sandalwood, Neroli & Jasmine Naturally Rehydrate me facial moisturiser at the Edinburgh Eco Fair. My face has been getting so dry with the turn in the weather but after using the product it is feeling hydrated again and soo soft! The product smells great, the packaging is beautiful and I am guaranteed that it contains high quality, ethical ingredients. I would seriously recommend these face creams to everyone! Such a reasonable price for such a luxurious effective product. I just love it! Customer for life… thanks Lynn x


Facebook Review

I bought the face cream with sandalwood and orange and I love it ! it worked perfectly on my skin making it feel so comfortable, the smell was amazing too and not overpowering. will definitely buy again and will get the toner too.


Facebook Review

My daughter and I just love the cleanser and the moisturiser, it is a wonderful product that in a short time has produced great benefits to our skin, wonderful scent and love that it is eco friendly and a donation is made back to a great cause for each purchase.

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